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Which University To Choose- Public or Private?

A student usually puts a lot of effort into the research for the best university for pursuing higher studies. There are a number of universities in India that offer courses ranging from UG level to Doctoral level. These are divided into two types, public universities, and private universities. Amity University, Christ university, VIT, etc., are private universities. BHU, DU, JNU, etc., are examples of public universities.

Quality of Education

The major factor that people research upon before taking admission is the quality of education that is being offered. Be it public universities such as premier institutes like IITs, IIMs, etc., or not so premier State Universities, they employ professors only through a rigorous and competitive selection process. This ensures that the quality of education remains good.

In a similar fashion, private universities also recruit professors through a competitive selection procedure. Most private universities mandate a Ph.D. degree for their professor. Hence, we can safely say that private universities also offer good quality education.

Opportunities Provided to Students

In this regard too, it is difficult to say private or public universities are better than the other. Private universities like Christ university have been trying hard to prove their mettle and provide a plethora of opportunities to their students. They focus on personality development, placements, and extracurricular activities to give their students an edge over the others.

Public universities also provide a lot of opportunities to its students. They provide ample opportunities for their students to grow and innovate. Here it is upon students to make the most of the opportunity provided to them.


There are various ranking agencies like NIRF, QS, etc., that rank university and their courses around the world and in India. Some universities might rank better than the others but their particular programs might be below the other universities. Hence, it is pretty important to check the rankings before taking admission.

Earlier, public universities outdid the private universities clearly but that is changing now. Private universities are rising in rankings and now rank with the top public universities. Still in this category, a slight edge goes to public universities.  


The infrastructure is good for both public and private universities. Modern facilities are available in both. Private universities are younger, so infrastructure might be more modern there with air-conditioned hostels that is many times missing in private universities. But private universities do not usually have the kind of funds the public universities have, so we can say it is a tie in this regard. Both have well-equipped labs, classrooms, and other amenities.


Government funds the public universities so their fee is generally less than private universities. Still, there are exceptions such as Christ university MBA fees is less than the fees charged for MBA in IIMs. So, here too, it is important to check the fee structure before taking admission in any course.

Which Type of University is Easier To Get Into?

Here too it is not easy to differentiate. Public universities like IITs, IIMs, etc., have rigorous admission procedures. In the same way, private institutes like NMIMS, BIRLA, etc., to have a rigorous admission procedure and lakhs of students compete to get the seats. Students, whose families are not so well to do also strive for public universities due to low fees, but with student loans being easily available nowadays, students prefer the better university, irrespective of it being public or private.

Placements Assistance

Private universities usually have placement cells that work day and night to get their students placed. Nowadays though, most public universities also give placement assistance to students. Moreover, public universities have a larger alumni base, hence, the students get offers from good companies even without P-cells. 



As we have seen, both public and private universities nowadays are really good. They work day and night to get better out of their students and to make them successful. Private universities have modern amenities like air-conditioned hostels and campuses, while public universities have more labs. Fees can also be comparable, for example, Christ University MBA fees are similar to what is charged by public universities. Still, most public universities have lower fees. Student exchange programs offered by private universities can provide international exposure to students. Now that we have listed the pros and cons of both, look at what you want out of any institution before taking admission and make an informed decision.


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