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How to Improve Your American Pronunciation

Do you want to improve your American pronunciation? Are you looking for some tips on how to do it? If so, keep reading, because you are in the right place. In this article I’m going to help you improve your accent quickly. Here are three great tips on how to work on your pronunciation.

1. Music

The best way to improve your pronunciation is to imitate native speakers. The easiest way to do it is to listen to American artists (singers, rappers) and sing or rap along (use Google to find the correct lyrics). Of course do it aloud and really concentrate on your accent and that of a native speaker. Try to sing just like him (or her).

2. Practice with native American speakers by speaking with them

Ask your friends if they know any Americans who want to learn your native language in exchange for a conversation in English (language exchange). If you can’t find any Americans in your city, look for them online and practice with them on Skype. Ask him or her to correct your pronunciation and correct his or her pronunciation while speaking in your mother tongue!

3. A different approach

It’s a more complex way to work on your pronunciation, but it’s extremely effective. Learn the rules of American pronunciation. There are many of them, but learning them will greatly help you improve your accent quickly. You can find some lessons online or buy an audio or video accent course.

That’s how you can improve your American pronunciation. Keep in mind that it’s all about practice. Imitate native speakers on a daily basis! Good luck and have fun while speaking with a better accent!


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