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Tips to Choosing Cheap Glasses Frames

When looking for cheap glasses frames you have a number of options available. When choosing specs you don’t want to break the bank. This is understandable especially seeing that you may need new ones within the next year or two.

There are a number of important factors associated with choosing specs from your facial shape and skin tone to hair colour and lifestyle. Before you start your search, have a look online and in glossy magazines, get an idea on latest trends. You may also want to have a look online to get an idea on prices when it comes to cheap glasses frames, helping you set a budget and know what to expect after your sight test when you start trying on frames and making your decision.

First stand in front of the mirror to determine your facial shape. You will soon learn that round or oval faces benefit from straight edges frames. While square and heart shaped faces benefit from round or oval frames that sit wide enough for the widest part of your face. This helps elongate it slightly and make the jaw line look gentler.

Before you leave for the optician, have some idea on the frames you feel will compliment your face, enhancing your facial features. While this isn’t easy without trying on an abundance of cheap glasses frames. It will help you once you start making your selection, helping you narrow down your search considerably.

After your eye test, try on as many different cheap glasses frames as possible. Ensure you try on plastic and metal frames and see how each feel. Your choice on materials should be based on your lifestyle. If you lead a busy lifestyle and enjoy a host of outdoor activities. You will be better off with plastic frames which can handle a few bumps and drops along the way. If you lead a sophisticated lifestyle, spending a large majority of your time working behind a desk. Then the metal frames may be the solution you are looking for.


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