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UCDM – The Vast Compartment of Generalization

Focusing on the world and bodies is meant to be deceptive and that’s made very clear in A Course in Miracles (UCDM). It’s what we call our life even though the Course says, “there is no life outside of Heaven.” The ego can be likened to the first compartment of the mind that believes the separation happened and thus holds the mind back until the mistakes are completely forgiven (corrected). Through application of the Course over our lifetime, we learn to generalize lessons so that generalization is the compartment that spreads in the mind, i.e., the decision maker consistently chooses forgiveness and right mindedness in all situations.

Everything is the same ego and the same for all of us regardless of appearances. Because we believe this life is real and everything different, we compartmentalize aspects which is the basic law of division (separation and difference). It involves numerous choices and beliefs as well as excluding other compartments or aspects. This is the ego’s law of “one or the other” within our life and from each other. Compartmentalization reflects the belief in the world and bodies as being real.


While compartment isn’t a term used in the Course, it is actually very similar in meaning to fragment which word symbol is used many times regarding the mind. By definition, a fragment is, “a small part separated off of something.” However, in modern day terms, we like to say we “compartmentalize our life” in order to maintain some false sense of control over what we believe is out of control. As a Son of God, that is impossible; but it is what we all believe.

In the dictionary, a compartment is, “a separate section, division or part of something” and, compartmentalize is, “to divide into section or categories.” Obviously the latter is the verb or action which is always a decision in the mind to believe the ego and divide. Behaviors stem from beliefs in the mind. The world and bodies (and behaviors) don’t make choices or beliefs. The mind does and those are reflections.

Please observe that like fragment, compartment is a noun or the subject, i.e., a set of beliefs for further division. It’s a section of the mind that believes it separated even though it is still “part of something.” The Course terms are the ego wrong mind and the right mind which is a split in the “something” but not a separation. By definition, a split is to, “break something into parts.” We’re still at a whole something (the mind) regardless of any definition used. The Course’s point is that only belief makes anything false in the mind appear real because the impossible is taken seriously.


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