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Principles of Sulfate-free Haircare Products

You might be surprised to learn that in your efforts to obtain Sulfate-free Haircare Products, you’ve actually been stripping your hair of moisture all these years. Hydrated hair isn’t far away, if you follow these basic


The same as when you’re conditioning, pre-condition your hair before you shampoo it, because most people are generally getting ready to use a harsh shampoo which strips their hair of much of any moisture it might currently have in it. Pre-conditioning your strands can help moisturize your hair directly prior to you using a stripping shampoo, and can also help nourish it just prior, making the strands more flexible, thus preventing your shampoo from making your hair so brittle.

Cleansing Your Strands and Scalp

Whatever products you’ve got in your hair may be the cause of why you don’t seem to be able to get moisturized hair. Even if you’re not doing any damaging things to your hair, such as chemically processing it or using heat, the ingredients in the products you’re using may be preventing moisture from being added to your hair as frequently as it needs – and if you live in a dry environment, your hair needs moisture just about daily.

Make sure your scalp is clean and free of product buildup at all times. Ingredients such a mineral oil, waxes and silicones need to stay away from your scalp and hair because they’re non-absorbing, and thus, they’ll only build up and sit on your hair. They’re considered unnatural for haircare because they don’t rinse out of your hair easily, but need to be stripped out of your hair strands with a cleanser that contains sodium sulfates (lauryl, laureth, etc.), which are harsh and drying to your hair. If your hair has any of the ingredients that buildup on it now, you will need to use a harsh shampoo to remove them from your scalp and strands. When cleansing your scalp, don’t scratch off the protective cell layers of your scalp that help prevent it from getting dry – but do make sure to keep it free of any dandruff buildup by gently rubbing shampoo on your scalp with the pads of your fingertips. Doing this will unblock any pores in your scalp that need to be clear of…well, products that weren’t meant to be there, so that your strands can be free to grow. Once you’ve done that, use products with natural ingredients on your hair only, so that you won’t need to use a harsh shampoo to wash it.


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