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Educate Your Kids with Effective Wilderness Survival Strategies

It could be intimidating for anyone to be lost in the wilderness obviously, without any sleeping bag or tent. Though this could be a rare occurrence yet knowing that something like this could happen to your child, could be quite a discomforting fact. It could be a good idea to prepare your child to face such a critical situation like being alone in the jungle for some time. You must teach your little one some of the most relevant and effective wilderness survival techniques.

Involve Your Kids & Educate Them

You need to discuss effective survival tips and necessary survival needs and gear, with your children before you set out for the wildlife vacation at the Tadoba National Park with your family. You need to talk about the kind of environment they should expect and the gear that they must carry for maximizing their comfort. Let them learn about the flora and fauna of the region. They must mentally get ready to save themselves from any poisonous plants, insects, and deadly animals.

Teach Effectively Via Games : Educate Your Kids

When you are going on a wilderness trip, preparation is everything. You should be taking as many opportunities as you can to discuss various survival scenarios for the trip, especially if there are children involved. They should know what to do if they get separated from the group, like variancetv staying put, not wandering further, being as visible as they can, and making preparations to spend the night if it gets dark. These are not the best things to discuss with your child but are very important. You could make a game out of it and play a couple of test runs to ensure that they have learned everything they need to. This will help in the long run. Book one of the numerous Tadoba hotels for ultimate comfort and safety.

Top Priorities

Positive Attitude:

The most important thing is to tackle the situation with a positive attitude. Panicking only leads to terrible decisions. With kids, keeping fears at bay is hard, but you can teach them how to deal with these fears in emergencies. Teach them relaxation techniques so that they can handle themselves better.


Kids must stay away from experimenting with unknown plants and vague fruits available in the jungle. They may end up eating something poisonous. So, tell them not to eat unknown plants and animal meat.

First Aid:

Your children must be taught the ways to avoid and also effectively treat certain health issues like insect stings, blisters, dehydration, hypothermia, snake bites, and broken bones, etc.


Kids must be able to protect themselves from the harsh elements. You must tell them about various shelter options and ways to build a shelter.


You may be able to survive for three weeks without any food but you need water on the third day itself. Teach your children how to locate water.


When children are lost in the wilderness, their first natural reaction would be to shout for help. It is better to carry a whistle. Teach them to whistle thrice when in need of help 123netflix. Three blows would mean an emergency. When children are well-informed and well-trained, they could avert dangers without losing their calm.


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