Tips to Choose a Driving Instructor Lesson Plans

The first thought that came to my mind when I got my driver’s license was-‘freedom at last’. It’s truly liberating to know that, now you don’t have to depend on others and can move freely. If you are one of those who are yet to be liberated and searching for a driving school, here are a few guidelines to follow before choosing the right Driving Instructor Lesson Plans.

Learning to navigate the busy streets of Sydney can get difficult; especially if your driving instructor was solely focused on making you pass the driving tests. Make sure that you choose a driving school that would make you road ready and take up the challenges that the busy eastern suburbs have to offer.

The most common mistake that people do, when learning to drive is taking driving lessons from friends or family, as tempted as you may be, it’s best to avoid them. Road laws change every year and it is important to know the latest road laws that are applicable to your area. Taking driving lessons from a qualified driving instructor, helps you to understand these laws better. There are many driving schools along the eastern suburbs of Sydney who are well qualified in giving you driving lessons. Make sure that your driving instructor has a current driving instructor license issued by the RTA and they a member of ADTA. Make sure to check the course guidelines and if the lessons are planned keeping in mind varied time schedules.

Many a times, it’s difficult for female drivers to handle a seemingly easy repair. For those female derivers who have little or no knowledge about cars, there are a number of driving schools along the northern shore, who offer workshops for women drivers, where female driving instructors give a basic knowledge about the car and make them road ready.

Some of the other things to be considered are whether the training is one-to -one, whether the driving instructor is sensitive to the learning capabilities of the learner and the supplementary educational materials in addition to the practical lessons.

What is the type of vehicle that is offered auto or manual?

What is the duration and the cost of the course plan, do they offer refund in case of cancellation etc.

Apart from teaching you the road safety rules, driving instructors also teach you to hazard awareness techniques like safe following distance, speed control techniques etc. It’s always best to trust professionals who have the requisite qualification in the field rather than place your faith on amateurs in the family. It’s cost effective as well as the chances of clearing your driving tests are very high when driving lessons are taught by professionals.


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