The Best City Break – Marrakech To Fes Desert Tour 4 Days

Marrakech To Fes Desert Tour 4 Days is the dream destination with some many fairytales settings from the lamp and fire dancers. It has the places like the Djemma El Fnaa with even the name starting the imagination to overdrive. There are spice shops, the tea shops, the costumes and dresses which make you feel in the princely times. It’s the early hours in the bazaars with bronze and copper utensils being made, the place with real horses, elephant, camels, and sheep only causing the road blocks.

The shops in Marrakech are open seven days the only break is for some midday prayers. There are food stalls serving people with home cooked meals almost all day long at very reasonable prices. If you go early you can find the people setting up stalls. The painters find these places very exciting with riot of colors. The map of the city will tell you easily that the old port city has been overtaken by the new city developments but the most of the old town is still thriving and is still considered to be more authentic place to start the visit Morocco Guided Tour. There are many old castles from the royal family that are now being opened up as hotels if you wish this could be the place to stay or a wonderful stop to the whole trip.

Marrakech To Fes Desert Tour 4 Days: The train journey is always a best way to discover the landscape, there is an old steam train tour that must be taken right from the city capital to the Kubota Minaret to the Garden city and desert at the end. The mosques and the orange gardens are always a popular choice; you can visit these and even take picking of the fruit for a day to get paid in the fruit too just like most locals working here as well. The soul is the market for tourists; you can find the many accessories and designer labels here at fraction of price. There are leather belts and slippers that you can not do without. Most tourists always buy one or two carpets, these are hand made and many of which depict the beautiful hunting scenes and geometric designs.


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