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Spiritual Quantum Mechanics And Consciousness and the World Soul

The Quantum Mechanics And Consciousness is apparently separate out of your thoughts. But it isn’t always! Because the evolution of attention is the dominant reason of lifestyles on earth won’t the “international soul”, which surrounds our planet be a part of an evolutionary system finished some other place inside the universe? A part of something bigger?

Should it’s that humans on the planet will in the end evolve to populate new planets in their very own with their personal international soul (create their own quantum ocean)?

Thoughts is a subject. The sea of thoughts is like a exquisite “over soul” enveloping this planet as a unique subject. It has a special shape vastly greater complicated than something known to physics.

Our bodily frame is a useful cohesion fashioned with the aid of billions of various character cells. The “over soul” is a useful whole fashioned via billions of man or woman lesser fields or souls.

Let us imagine that the everyday electromagnetic subject which surrounds the earth, and which makes radio and television viable is possessed of the first-rate referred to as “intelligence.” this discipline acts as a controller of all organisms on the earth.

Man has a constructed in computerized feed-returned manipulate device. The human mind takes in information via the 5 senses from the outdoor global. It’s miles ‘analog laptop’ that selects this facts and it then adjusts the chemistry of the frame to satisfy the state of affairs imposed from the out of doors global.

This computerized feedback manage gadget takes the attention of man or a part of the mind of man out of the business of “housekeeping.” it frees it up to become an device of the very best shape of consciousness. That is known as evolution!

To build a person-made mechanical machine like our minds, with its 10000 million cells you will want a manufacturing facility of 1,000,000 rectangular feet; a thousand million dollars and the electricity of 1/2 a million watts.

The Quantum Mechanics And Consciousness internal your skull runs on handiest 25 watts and needs no renovation.


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