Jesus Christ Gospel Of Love Little Children

The first thing I told them was, “Jesus Christ Gospel Of Love and He has a plan for your life. Do you know that Jesus loves you?” Practically every head nodded yes. I believe they do know that Jesus loves them and in return, they love Him back.

Jesus, of course, understands this about little ones. In His time on earth, His delight was in the children who came readily to Him. The picture that comes to our minds when we think of Jesus and children is one of peaceful abandon. The children ran to Him, sat in His lap, listened to Him speak and soaked it all in. They had nothing better to do than enjoy time with the One who loves them the most. There is no other situation in the life of Jesus where the circumstance is more joyful. Unlike the adults who questioned Him, doubted Him, tested Him, persecuted Him and eventually killed Him, in their sweet innocence, the little children felt His love, accepted it and returned it.

Unless they are mistreated or neglected, children naturally trust those in charge. The adults in their lives make them feel safe and secure. It is later in life that people discover that not everyone is trustworthy. Unfortunately, they are taught not to trust some people by their actions. Jesus, however, is totally trustworthy. He will never disappoint you, nor fail you. His love is everlasting and pure.

If we could only stay like little children in our love for Jesus, we would avoid becoming calloused, doubtful and fearful. Resting in His love, trusting His guidance and staying close to Him, just like the little children, makes all the difference in our perspective on life. What joy being in His presence brings. Little children love Jesus. So should we.


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