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Five Best Apps to Learn Statistics Knowledge

Are you a postgraduate student or statistics major? You then know how vital Statistics Knowledge are to modeling real world scenarios. Statistical knowledge is the backbone of planning and is the only way in which data can be grouped so as to make sense after analysis. However, there is more to statistics than just numbers but if you are still green on this, don’t worry!!! that is why I am here. What do you need to know about statistics and most importantly what sources should you trust when you want to learn more about statistics? As a statistician with extensive experience in providing data analysis help to students across the globe I have done an analysis among the many apps from where you can learn statistical knowledge from and here are the top five apps to learn statistics.

  1. NCCS

NCCS is a unique application that allows both teaching and learning statistics. The cutting edge here is that it does not focus on teaching software but aims at having the student learn more about statistical principles and methods as well. It has a user-friendly interface and has very affordable rates covering both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

  • Lumosity

Over the course of time, luminosity has gained its popularity among many students and tutors and has achieved this through their well-thought platform that is both interactive and informative. When it comes to statistics, you need to get visuals on board and they have effectively implemented this and you know what they say, that the mind works better with pictures. Lumosity is an app that is not only compatible with iOS but with also android devices.

  • Varsity tutor

Varsity tutor is also another highly reliable application that offers students free educational resources that are designed to build competence, knowledge and confidence in handling statistical data. It is easy to access and is compatible with both mobile devices and computers.

  • Basic statistics

As a beginner in statistics, it is often the case that you want to make huge steps but trust me, learning the basics is more important at that stage as it sets out the stage for you to be conversant with the field. Basic statistics is an app that makes sure that you get the foundation right as well as introduces you to higher levels as you progress.

  • Statsguru

StatsGuru for SPSS is aimed at having students learn about statistics. It contains information on a comprehensive list of typical statistical tests that college or university level students may be expected to know. They have the bonus of having an all-inclusive glossary that contains all the statistics terminologies you need to know to have your way through statistics.

The best part about it is that They have very friendly prices and trusty me, you get value for your every penny.

Data analysis stretches further than just figures and encompasses graphical and pictorial data that should be analyzed to make more sense. Its application in the real world is in each and every sector and among the areas that you can acutely recognize is forex trading. With knowledge from these apps, you are good to go as you get your footing in the statistical world.


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