Immigration Solicitors – Fake Id

Fake Id is one of the most growing and irritating concerns of the UK immigration law authorities. The UK Border Agency constantly tightening and solidifying the laws to minimize individuals who come to the UK with fake identities. The fake identities may be stolen or made up just to gain entry and what is worse, if they commit an offence or crime while they are in the UK. This is why imposing strict laws on immigrants are important so that illegal immigrants would have a very hard time to come and work, stay or live illegally in the UK. State of the art biometric systems are in place to ensure identity confirmation and also a way of flushing out the rest.

Over the many years past, the alarming growing number of individuals with fraudulent identities upsets the economy and the UK immigration authorities. Some individuals steal other people’s passports and other documents and assume their identity causing many headaches to many individuals who are victims of such heathens. This is the case mostly reported when people began depending on online transactions and with their identity exposed, the creative minds of these offenders goes to work. It is sometimes best to do things the traditional way. Identity theft is a pain at the back for all the authorities and a nightmare for the victims. Even if you mean well for coming to the UK, still if you have a fake identity, you are subject to harsh prosecution and will be liable for one of the most serious crimes committed.

According to the UK immigrations law, anyone who has fraudulent identity who comes to the UK to work illegally, commit a crime or to unleash terrorism. This is classic tactic for those who want to conceal their previous criminal records or have the intentions of doing illegal activities. To combat this, the UK Border Agency features a state of the art identification including biometric technology like DNA profiling, iris, and fingerprints so that immigration authorities can determine if anyone has fake identities and makes it difficult for offenders and illegal immigrants to enter the UK.

In the UK, having your identity, blood type, bank accounts and other sensitive information is contained in an ID card. Many are reluctant about this and some feel that they are robbed of their civil rights to privacy. However, these identity cards are a necessity and usually issued for foreign nationals only. To date, there are cards issued especially if you are under Tier 2 for skilled migrant worker. This is a requirement for those who are allowed to stay in the UK for only 6 months at a time. This is a vital step to monitor travellers and visitors or students effectively. If you are a victim of identity theft and are facing prosecution, never hesitate to call your UK Solicitor to help straighten things out. Just remember that the ID cards are ways of fighting illegal entry into the UK and to keep everyone else safe. If you have nothing to hide and not doing anything illegal, this should not worry you.


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