Un Curso De Milagros – Do They Still Happen Today?

Doctors are very wary about the idea of Un Curso De Milagros but the idea of miraculous healing has been around for thousands of years. For those people who are facing terminal or severe chronic illness the desire for a miracle healing can be immense. Is this a legitimate hope or a false hope?

Whether miracles still happen today depends on your definition of the word miracle. If by miracle you mean that something is totally against the laws of nature then I would suggest that they never did happen.

However, if by miracle you mean a turn around in serious, or terminal illness when the doctors thought there was very little chance of recovery, then, of course they do still happen.

How can I be so sure? Most doctors who have been practicing for years have stories of people who have done much better than could have ever been expected given their diagnosis, prognosis (expected outcome) and treatment. Discussion on them is usually kept to the coffee room rather than the research unit.

It is also a matter of logic. If you have 100 people with a terminal condition then not all of them die at the same instant. They die one at a time. And for every 100 people then the last 10 will die later than the first 90. That is logical. And someone has to take longer to die than all of the others in that group of 100. Also within that group of the last survivors are some people who have such a good quality of life that some would describe them as miracle survivors.


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