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World’s Antique Luxury Ziegler Teppiche

The concept of a luxury house is definitely dealt with luxury furnishing and luxury decor. It can be imagined that a luxury house will have all the things that an ordinary person can only long for. It is wondered that the place, location and the whole impact would be heaven like. The furnishing would be giving grandeur to the edifice. A luxury home is always well decorated with luxury accessories like expensive furniture, antiques and collectibles. There is another way that rich add luxury to their luxury houses; by Ziegler Teppiche. Older a carpet more will be its worth. It can be said that luxury carpets enhances the antique looks.

There are many notable Ziegler Teppiche. These carpets have some historical background. Like few belong to ancient times or ancient Empires. Silk Isfahan Rug is considered as most luxury carpet. It is extremely expensive carpet and it has broken all previous price records since the carpet was sold at $4,450,000.00. Antique items are always valuable. An antique known as Tabriz Antique Carpet is a luxury and expensive carpet. This carpet was sold for $ 182,500. The color and design of this ancient antique tells the ancient myths. The contrast and combination of the color is fantastic.

Ziegler Mahal Carpet is another distinguish antique in the list of ancient luxury carpets. This antique piece is very unique in design. This ancient carpet gives the Mughal Empire’s architecture looks. Especially the colors and the mode are totally antique. The price of this special ancient carpet is $ 182,500. Ziegler Mahal Carpet Persia is amazing. It has historical background of Persia. This special stunning antique piece was sold at $ 170,500.


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