Some Tips On Job Posting For Attracting The Best Legal Candidate

Those managing legal departments in corporate or law firms would be required to hire the right candidates on a regular basis. However, the fierce industry competition often makes it very difficult to fill these free job posting openings with the right candidates. There are several job boards on the internet today but these are mostly general. In order to cater to the needs of these companies niche job boards were launch but companies still need to take proactive measures to ensure that their company name would be well highlight on these job boards to get the attention of the most talent individuals.

1. Selling your job vacancy: One of the most important steps in attracting the right candidates is building a strong brand on the job portals by telling prospective employees about the advantages offered. Highlight points such as great work environment, growth opportunities, monetary benefits, employee appreciation, market reputation and flexible schedules.

2. The Job Description: Next, you will have to decide on the best job description in order to target the best candidates. Rather than posting boring and long descriptions of the responsibilities, only mention the essential qualifications and duties to keep it simple and short. Clearly state that the list requirements have to be met to pass preliminary selection.

3. Interactive ads: An effective and simple way to build a strong presence on job portals online is by making the application and job advertisements interactive. Provide applicants easy to follow directions and provide them small tasks to complete along. The application such as writing a paragraph to explain how they fit the position stated. The process will keep the applicants interested and will filter out the applicants that don’t qualify.

4. The right keywords: An important step in making your job post visible. The job boards is by using the right keywords. In most cases, applicants search the job portals using keywords such as legal assistant, lawyer, associate etc. Using these keywords in the title, job descriptions within the ad will allow you to target the audience more effectively. You can also use specialized law area in the keyword for the position. You are interest in filling, for example- patent attorney with a background in Mechanical Engineering. This narrows the field and provides you more qualified applicants that are more likely to suit the posted job.

The most effective way of judging if legal job post is effective is to think as the candidate to decide. What will be most appealing to you or what doesn’t seem right about the job post. Although following these steps may seem like time-consuming. And effort-intensive, it provides more effective results through targeted, qualified and talented legal candidates. That suit the free job posting profile better than un-targeted candidates.


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