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How To Get 50 New Customers For Your Lawn Care Business

New lawn care business owners are constantly writing me and asking how they can gain new clients. When responding to these questions, I like to give specific examples a lawn care business owner could do today or tomorrow to help them achieve their goals. Here is a specific example of how one lawn care business owner marketed his business and gained over 50 new lawn care customers in less than 5 months.

Recently on our lawn care business forum, a new member Egreen wrote and said “This is my first season in business. Last winter I called several businesses ex. gas stations,7-11 small shopping centers in my area and explained to the manager that I was NOT trying to sell them anything. I told them I was considering a lawn care business and was taking a survey about their current lawn care service provider. This allowed me to build a rapport with the business owner. I asked who serviced their property, how often, how much they charged and if they were happy with the service provided. Before hanging up I told them if I considered opening shop I would call them and let them know how it was going.

These phone calls allowed me to gather a lot of information from them that they may not have told me otherwise. When I did open shop I called each one back and explained to them who I was and that I could service their lawn and property. I could also solve the problems they had with their current lawn care provider and I could save them a few dollars. I landed 11 out of 12 commercial accounts!”


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