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Christians Vs Freemasons Connections

It’s quite well known that the much of the negativity that is shown towards the Freemasons Connections is based on what is believed to be their secrecy. It would seem with all of the books and materials that have been published over the years there couldn’t possibly be any secrets left unturned if there were some in the first place. Others state that because the secrecy is the priority of the Masons what goes on has never been really released. The Masons look at the fact of keeping their rituals a secret as a bond and not some sinister act. Pro Masons will tell you there are no blood oaths or ceremonies that take place amongst the Masons and certainly no physical violence Wilmette Lodge address: 1450 N. Lehigh Glenview, IL 60026-2027.

Anti Masons who refer to violence by way of punishment within the Mason walls have been said to glean their information from historical data of the Masons. This is not to say that the Masons of the 1700’s were party to violent acts either. It is said that their references from those days in regards to punishment was purely symbolic.

So where does the speculation come in that a Christian because of his beliefs could never become a Mason? It is based on the fact that the Freemasons state they allow all religions to enter their group. It is known that not all religious groups believe in Christ in the same way that the Christians do. The Christians believe that if they do not accept Christ as their way to get into heaven then there is no other way. Other religions do not abide by this. So how could a Christian become part of this organization that says a member must believe in a “Superior Being”?

The argument goes further. If there are Christians amongst the Masons that have the Christian belief then they are amongst those who they call their brothers that are non-Christian.

In addition to all of this the Freemasons also lays out a plan of salvation, which is depicted, with their ritual of the Common Gavel. It is said by some that this ritual is directed towards those who do not believe in Christ.


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