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Be creative to learn How to Hear the Holy Spirit

Creation as they are called in A Course in Miracles helps to learn How to Hear the Holy Spirit. It tricks you into thinking judgment miscreation are truth when they are really just Creation applied reversely. There is a very simple solution for getting out of the ego miscreation. Why A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is aimed at the decision maker in the mind? The choice for salvation is between Creation (Truth) or miscreation (denial of truth). It requires using the decision maker to deny miscreation instead of Creation. It’s the opposite of what you are doing now. Learn the metaphysical and psychotherapy principles of ACIM which are aim directly at undoing ego and the miscreation of judgments. Next, put the principles into practice and you are redoing what ACIM is undoing. Redoing is correction of the mind, also know as forgiveness, which returns the mind to Truth and peace.

The bottom line is that as you use the Course to undo the ego.You end up seeing yourself (perception) as worthy and returning to worth (Truth) within the Laws of Oneness. Listening to the ego beliefs (judgments) led you down a path where you now feel unworthy. Choosing again and correcting the mind changes paths and that is merely reversing what you deny.

The Cause of Miscreation:

The cause of miscreation is when you deny the One Truth which is that everything is the same, or one and Denial uses the Law of Cause and Effect from ACIM. According to the mind you use as cause (perception), you will see the corresponding effect (Creation or miscreation).

Denial of the One Truth is miscreation being use for perception. It is a subtle shift in the split mind which How to Hear the Holy Spirit:

1. Choose the ego’s many truths (Law of Chaos #1) for perception which produces chaotic effects.

2. Leaves the mind open to miscreation (effects).Such as separation, fear, guilt, bodies and things in this world because of perception of many truths.

3. Makes chaotic miscreation (effects) a magic act appearing to be Creation (One Truth). Because it uses mind (Source) to perceive through error instead of One Truth.

4. Makes more chaos and neediness as miscreation need more judgments (projections and fragments) to survive.

ACIM says it is your responsibility to correct fear in the mind at the level of miscreation.As each one of us must do our part in the atonement. Do the opposite of what you are doing now. Deny the miscreation and choose One Truth where we are all one, and the same.

Miscreation is Conflict: The definition of conflict is, “incompatibility between two or more opinions, principles or interests.” That is what ACIM is saying: Creation and miscreation are incompatible principles. One has to be denied so the other can be true which makes the appearance of something to choose between. Appearances are deceiving. Seeing is knowing. ACIM also says that Creation versus miscreation is the fundamental conflict in this world. It is a choice between love and fear but not as opposites and fear is a choice for “lacking love,” or a false truth as a substitute.


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