Personal Skill Development

ACIM Review by a Licensed Midwife

The ACIM manual will serve many women, in a multitude of situations.

Can you find yourself in one of the many descriptions below? I could name a handful of women I know right this minute that would benefit from and enjoy this book.

Are you/have you:

-desiring to become pregnant any time soon?
-experiencing any kind of “female” reproductive or hormonal issue?
-having any trouble getting pregnant? Think you are “too old?”
-wanting to be in optimum health during your childbearing years?
-had a miscarriage or preterm birth?
-interested in learning more about your body, and fertility in particular?
-a midwife, healer or other professional that works in women’s health?

I absolutely promise that not only is this manual easy to read, but its core focus is music to my alternative health ears. The author offers great advice-listen to your body, keep your own fertility charts and be empowered and in charge about what comes next.

She educates and inspires the reader to correct any health imbalances, from detailed information on fasting and cleansing, to intricate details of Chinese medicine that will appeal to those that like to self-treat (it’s also just as easy to get an idea of what your imbalance might be, and then go see a good acupuncturist to confirm and treat.)

Creating this crucial balance in the body can solve not only fertility problems, but menstrual and hormonal problems as well. Seemingly unrelated issues, like preterm birth are also discussed, and I was pleased to see that as we tend to think it is “different” than infertility because there is already a baby! But, as she explains (and as I agree), women that experience preterm births are often just as imbalanced as those that experience infertility and miscarriage. That was fascinating to me, to consider preterm birth as a variation of infertility.


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