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The Pros and Cons of the Four Slice Toaster

The toaster has been around to serve us at breakfast for many years. It has always been the standard two slice toaster. The old fashioned toaster did one thing and did it well. I made our morning toast for us to give us a good start on the day. We now have the 4 Slice Toaster and there is some controversy as to whether a 4 slot toaster is ever need.

What are some of the pros of the four slot toaster? To begin with:

  • You can have 4 slices of toast without having to keep gong back to put bread in the toaster two at a time.
  • The 4 slot toaster is definitely an energy saving devise, in that you do not have to keep going back and forth to replace the slices of bread that have already been toasted.
  • The four slice is definitely needed when you are trying to feed a large family in a hurry or when you have someone in the family who is a big eater.
  • The modern 4 slot toaster is made to fit all kitchen decors and looks good in any kitchen.

On the other hand, it has its negative side called the “cons.”

  • The four slot toaster generally costs more than the two slice version although it may have a few more features;
  • Some 4 slice toasters have been known to toast unevenly while its two slot cousin is more consistent in toasting the bread evenly;
  • The four slice version is larger and tends to be a little more bulky than the two slot toaster consequently and will require more room on the countertop.

There are very few negative features about the 4 slice toaster. The four slice toaster offers the same features, or more features, than the two slot toaster and it looks good. It can be in colors as well as stainless street. Where once you had only one choice and that was white.

When you go out to buy your 4 slot version, you should remember that. Because it is a larger small appliance, it will cost more than the two slice toaster. As a larger toaster, it may have more features that would not fit into the small two slot toaster. So if you want all of those features. Prepared to buy a 4 slice toaster and to pay more for it. However, do not just arbitrarily pay more just because it is larger; shop around until you get the best price. Look at the small appliances offered by retail stores, home improvement stores and discount stores, and the Internet. Find one with all of the features you want and the price you are willing to pay for it.


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