The Church As Body of The Mystical Christ

Here is another truth, information or revelation of the Bible that does not readily appear real, true or feasible to the physical or natural men, it is that the Church, body of believers and followers of The Mystical Christ and His life, teachings or ways, constitute His mystical or spiritual body, just as our various fleshy component parts constitute (make up) body (house) for our spirits and souls. The Bible, God’s word or revelation of His will and truths, variously alludes to or speaks about it (see 1Cor.12:12-28; 10:17; Rom.12:4-8; Eph.1:22-23; 4:12; 4:16; 3:6; etc.).

The Church (Body of Christ’s Believers) being Christ’s body or body for Him may not be physically or humanly comprehended or appreciated, hence it is a spiritual reality. It is a thing that is only spiritually comprehended or appreciated and that by only the “spiritual men”, those that are spiritually-minded (l Cor.2:14). The truth however, is that The Church is the Body of Christ. The Church as Christ’s body is the physical means of His expressing His will, feelings, mind, power, etc. to and. in the world (Matt.28:19-20; In.20:21; Luke 10:16). And no single individual believer, group or congregation of believers of Christ can constitute or should assume to be the body of Christ alone or unilaterally. It is a multilateral, joint or collective thing or responsibility. This is why the Lord prayed for and encouraged His believers or disciples on oneness (see Jn.17:11, 21). It is in this status of oneness of the Church (which also is a spiritual thing) that she constitutes a body for the Lord. And it is in such a condition or circumstance that Re will fully express or manifest Himself, His life and power and wisdom to the world and the kingdom of darkness (Matt. 16:18; Eph.3:10-12).

It is unfortunate that the Church has not come to believe, appreciate and see herself as The Body of Christ which she is, and act that way. Meanwhile, some individuals, groups or congregations may be seeing themselves and act as bodies of Christ unilaterally, without reference to or recognition of any or some others. The truth remains that only one part or some parts of a body cannot make a whole body. It takes all the components.


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