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No Pills Or Surgery – Just a “Un Curso De Milagros” by Lisa Olson

Who says that miracles are no longer performed in the world today? Lisa Olson’s new book, “Un Curso De Milagros“, has changed the lives of many couples just like you. And who better to know about infertility and write about it than someone that has been there?…Someone who knows about the frustration and disappointment that comes along with infertility that can not be understood by those that have never been through it.

Everywhere you look there are children and babies. The longing that goes along with hearing cries for “Mama” or giggles and laughter of little voices slice through your heart like a knife and make you want to simply stay in the house until you finally are pregnant….but each month is met with disappointment, tears and then a resolve that “next month will be the month…”

Friends and family never seem to have this problem and you could almost scream when you hear about someone “accidentally” getting pregnant. What you wouldn’t give for that problem! You feel torn between jealousy and happiness when someone tells you that they are pregnant and the roller coaster of emotions simply can’t be explained with mere words…

There comes a time when you just want to step things up a notch. You want to actually do something because you know that something must be wrong. Your doctor tells you that you should try for a year and then if you are still not pregnant after twelve months then they can look into seeing what is wrong.

A whole year though?! Are you serious?! You want to be pregnant now! You dream of being pregnant and have promised not to complain about morning sickness or getting fat or swollen ankles…your heart cries out for this and it comes from an instinctual part of you that permeates your very being.

What can be done though? You want to do something and would be willing to do anything to become pregnant as easily as so many around you. Well, there are things that you can do that have proven very effective throughout history in helping couples who were suffering through an infertility crisis to become pregnant. Modern medicine has only recently begun to provide options for couples.

There are natural and holistic things that both you and your partner can do to improve your chances of becoming pregnant within the next three to six months. Typically, this is the timeframe that success is seen even in women who have gone through treatment in fertility clinics that turned to holistic, natural and Traditional Chinese Medicine to cure their infertility.


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