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K2 Spice Paper Sheets Vs High Security Shredders

K2 Spice Paper Sheets are engineer to shred high piles of paper sheets 24 hours as require and show no signs of hold-ups and performance squalor. Whereas High Security Shredders are the shredders with relatively smaller cut size as compared to the conventional departmental crosscut or office strip cut shredder. The basic difference between the High Security Shredders and Heavy duty shredders is of the cut size. Both Heavy duty shredders and High security shredders bring similar features for an organization despite the cut size. And offer complete capabilities with Feed Opening to input material to be shred. Cutting module or shredding blades confined in an internal box, and waste container for controlling shredded mess.

Introduction to Heavy Duty Commercial Paper Shredders

Heavy duty shredders can strip cut, crosscut, or micro cut depending on the configuration required in an organization. Beside regular shredding features and capabilities, heavy duty shredders are know for:

Continuous Shredding

Heavy Duty or commercial purpose shredders can perform continuous shredding for longer hours without a hold. Complete with powerful motor and robust steel cutters, these shredding machines can run 24 hours without registering a lost or performance downfall. Sturdy motor is protected against overheating or overload stress and facilitates non-stop shredding in rigorous industrial. And commercial environment where document protection is essential.

Protection against Paper Jams

To run consistently without jams, these shredders are design to encounter and resolve jams in an automated fashion. This intuitive shredder buy reverses excessive amount of paper sheets when observed a potential paper jam or automatically turns off shredding and indicate possible jam with an optical signal or notification on the user screen. This auto protection against unwanted and irritating paper jams saves times and resources spent on shredding.

Feed with Conveyor Belt

Another well-known feature of industrial shredders or heavy duty shredders is the availability of Feed Table with a Conveyor Belt. The conveyor belt simplifies the feed of bulk paper sheets, documents, folders, bounded papers. Or crumpled paper sheets into the Opening and improves ease-of-input with convenient electronic put in.


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