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Astronomy And Space News in Cyberspace

The subject of Space – interplanetary space; outer space; satellites, spacecraft; space missions, is Big Business! Space and related subjects, is therefore one of the biggest news topics after perhaps general politics and world economy, but no longer is this just true of newspapers and television channels. Astronomy And Space News is just as pervasive on the Internet or in cyberspace, if not more so. The Internet and the news industry were make for each other, it is little wonder then that news related websites account for approximately 60-65% of all Internet traffic and that space news related sites account for approximately 30% of this, according to various estimates.

With one technological milestone after the other being breach and broken. Especially in computing and telecommunications, space related activity in general has proliferated over recent years. And with it the space news business. The most obvious sources of space related news on the Internet, are websites of the various national/regional space administration bodies, such as NASA; CNES; ESA; ISRO; JAXA; CNSA; BIS; DLR; and ASRI.

However, news items on these sites are sometimes, and understandably. So, biased towards their own particular sphere of activity; not always, but in general. As a result, hundreds of independent space news related sites. Have sprung up over recent years in an effort to provide more even coverage of space related activity and events. Such as Space Daily;; Sky & Telescope; Aon Space, which is to do with space finance; SatNews and others. These are truly professional and well thought out sites, with easy to follow page layout schemes. And interesting and informative articles that will appeal to most readers. The space enthusiast is truly spoilt for choice.


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