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A Course In Miracles – The Scavenger Hunt of Client Attraction

A Course In Miracles: An amazing thing transpired last year during my Mastermind meeting with my clients. While the rest of the country seemed to be gripped in fear of the economy and general uncertainty, my Mastermind clients continued to manifest BIG marketing and business opportunities (and high-paying clients, big paid speaking gigs, etc.), in REAL TIME.

In that Mastermind meeting, we witnessed several examples of INSTANT manifestation, and I asked if there were more to share. “Jane” looked at me, and I saw her eyes well up in tears of joy. She told us that something really big had happened to her in the last 12 hours. Let me give you some background to the story.

“Jane” had been given an assignment at the last live Mastermind meeting: WRITE and FINISH her information product by our next live meeting (that week.) She agreed to have her passive-revenue product all packaged up and ready to sell once we helped her create the marketing plan for it. She’d had 3 months to do it and it was a big task, but she knew that she wanted to get out of the Hours-For-Dollars business model and into one of more passive re-venue, more freedom, working less.

She was deeply ready to generate passive-income using what she already knew as an expert and she was committed to the challenge. She dutifully wrote the home study system, packaged it, and put it in her suitcase, excited to share it with us that week.

Then, serendipity, synchronicity, WHATEVER you want to call it stepped in. The details are somewhat miraculous. Jane was running late for the airport. She rushed to the gate with her carry-on bags and was told that 3 bags were too many to bring on board. She had to consolidate her belongings or miss the flight. Not wanting to miss our meeting, she quickly went through her opened bags, looking for things to leave behind.


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