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A guide to select the right toys for toddlers

Toys can be the best way to start the child’s play as well as support the child’s development. Toddlers or kids are explorers who learn things quickly by doing. Play can give the child a great opportunity for developing and practicing new skills at his or her own. The child may not require as many toys and play things as parents think. The best play toys for kids are open ended. There are several toys that help in encouraging the kids to play using creativity, problem solving skills and imagination. Some of the open ended toys are blocks, dress ups, balls, crafty bits and cardboard boxes. Train toys for toddlers are one among them that nurture the development of a kid. Here are some useful ideas for parents to choose the toys for toddlers.

Tips for choosing the best toys

  • Parents have to choose toys that kids can use it in several ways. For example, they can give kid interlocking plastic blocks or wooden blocks and let the kid use them to make a bridge, road or something.
  • Next parents have to look for play toys that will also grow with the child. Small plastic animals and birds are fun for toddlers who may build a shoebox room for the animals. Older toddlers may use these toys to narrate a story. Examples of this type of toys include action figures, trains, trucks, dolls and stuffed animals.
  • Choose toys that can help you in encouraging kids to explore new things as well as learn problem solving skills. Examples of this type include shape sorters, puzzles, clay, paint, play dough, crayons and blocks.
  • Select toys that spark the imagination of child. Parents can buy kids toys such as dress up clothing, trains and trucks, toy food, plastic plates and some real life accessories.
  • Parents can give a chance to the kid to play with some real stuff. This includes plastic food and dishes, musical instruments, toy phone, brushes, dustpans, child size brooms and toy keys.
  • Look for toys that can help you in encouraging your little prince or princess to remain active. You can give them balls of several sizes and shapes, plastic bowling sets, three wheeled scooter, gardening tools, small sized basketball hoop and boxes to make tunnels.
  • Even parents can spend time with the kids during playtime. They can let the kid play board games and improve memory power.

Choose toys according to the age range

Several toys have age range details on their packaging. The interest and development state of kid can give parents a good sense of making toys selection. Age range information is important for safety as the kid may not grow enough to handle something. If the toy has any small parts, the kid may swallow them. This is the reason why parents are advised to choose the toys according to the age group of kid. Toddlers always wish to play with toys and they spend most of the time in playing. Dress ups clothing is the best choice for female kid. Train toys for toddlers will be the best choice for a little boy who loves playing with trucks, bikes and vehicles. Parents do not have to spend more money on toys. They can surprise their kid with new toys that are very useful in kid’s development.

Choose toys you feel comfortable to be with

Some parents may feel uncomfortable to let the kid use toy weapons like guns. So, parents have to choose the toys they are comfortable with. Playing with toy weapons involves violence and aggression. When kids are allowed to play with these toys, it is not good for their wellbeing and self confidence. Sometimes children may make guns or weapons out of daily objects such as toast or wooden sticks. Parents can encourage the kid to be creative but not encourage them to behave aggressive. Banning the toy usage or lecturing the kid is not effective as it can make the kid wish to play with the toys. Instead, parents can use the war play of child to teach the values of war, violence and weapons. This way parents can let the kid learn a useful message.


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